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Beneath Oblivion - From Man To Dust (CD, Album)

02.10.2012 / / Oldies

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  1. Feb 16,  · Beneath Oblivion – From Man to Dust LP The Mylene Sheath For their first full-length album, Beneath Oblivion find themselves a home on a label that wouldn’t be your first guess for a band of their ilk, and that’s The Mylene Sheath, a label most known for releasing some of the finest post-rock albums ever made.
  2. From Man To Dust is an 80 minute journey through the deepest chasms of grief in a post-apocalyptic wasteland of nuclear fallout. The war inside is responsible for the war outside.5/5(3).
  3. Kotiinkuljetuksesta perimme rahulia 2,99€ pienemmistä lähetyksistä (lähinnä cd:t) ja isoimmista vermeistä eli vinyyleistä, huppareista yms 5,99€. Kun teet "Kotiinkuljetus Helsinkiin" -tilauksen niin käytettävissäsi on kaikki pankkimaksut, luottokortit, Paypal, Klarnan lasku sekä osamaksu.
  4. Aug 09,  · ***COMING 9/27/11*** " "I want to stand with pride waiting for the end to arrive" he proclaims, as a tremendous struggle is about to unfold within us all.
  5. Beneath Oblivion is a band which started in , recorded a demo in , self- released their first full-length record 'Existence Without Purpose,' in , released their split 10" record with Sin of Angels through 43rd Parallel Records in , and released their self titled 10" record through Mylene Sheath Records in , Released a 7.
  6. 8. From Man To Dust We are all slaves, to this decline And all we gave, meant nothing To stand with pride, the defiant ones Lost at the end, hope fades last of all No more tomorrows, just this waking contempt For the art of the dying and the depraved The white light The condemned Cold humming souls that linger on Alone in shame wanting to die.
  7. Opium Doom Cult Debut release, featuring members of BENEATH OBLIVION and THORNS OF THE CARRION. Seven songs, 62 minutes of melancholic, depressive doom metal. Special guest vocal appearance by original THORNS OF THE CARRION vocalist Matt Chapman, on the 21 min crusher "The Plague of Our Lamentations" Tremors to Signal the End, released 30 June 1.

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