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Mouth Of The Void - The Dalesmans Litany (File)

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  7. Dalesman’s Litany. Author Unknown (This version from Denis Sabey of Bradshaw, Halifax, Yorkshire) It’s hard when folks can’t get their work where they’ve been bred and born When I was young I used to think I’d bide my time ‘mid the roots and the corn But I’ve been forced to flee the town so here’s my litany.
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  9. Dalesman's Litany It's hard when folks can't find their work where they've been bred and born When I was young I always thought I'd bide among fruits and corn But I've been forced to work in towns so here's my litany From Hull and Halifax and Hell Good Lord deliver me When I was courting Mary Jane The old Squire he said one day I've no room here for wedded folks Choose whether to wed or stay.

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